Bangkok Pet Taxi

We can assure you with every travel, your furry friends are in good hands.

Bangkok pet taxi started from a group of animal lovers.  In the beginning we were a group of friends who took care of each other’s pets when needed. We love and adore animals, and continuously cared for them until we decided to form a team, put our skills to good use and run a pet shuttle service.

Bangkok Pet Taxi use SUV-big car for service, It's fit for 2 big dogs or 2-3 middle dogs.

The price

For long distances example Bangkok to outskirts or between provinces you can send us a quick message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The price excludes car park & toll fee.               
0-5 km     : 400THB                           
5-10 km   : 600THB
10-15 km : 800THB
15-20 km : 1,000THB

***For Urban to BKK airport or DMK airport***

Suv 1,800 / Van 2,500

One-Way Service

This service is for pet owners who are able to collect their pet from the vet or groomer themselves, or for those who are moving to a new home.
Your pet would be collected from your home and taken to their destination, ready for you to collect.

If you don’t want us to wait for drop off your pets you can use our service as two times one way, service with 10 % discount but the car might not be the same one.

Round trip service

Round trip service

We are happy to keep an eye on your pets while the shop is busy working with them. 

Having a familiar face with your pets could help them relax, after they are finished we will accompany them to your place safely.

WhatApps : BangkokPetTaxi

Line ID : BangkokPetTaxi

email :

 Mobile : +66-64-846-4156 , +66-65-991-9158